Tuesday, December 17, 2019

[Health] Healthy LifeStyle

With the rapid development of modern civilization, new types of work stress are becoming more and more common. New types of work pressure refers to the so-called along with the progress of science and technology, computers, home appliances and mobile phones and other hardware and software of the lives, previous work requires a lot of labor in exchange for life for a lot of be replaced, habits of most people generally tend to lack of exercise, fast food or foreign food is popular, high sugar, high fat, low fibre such as unhealthy diet is becoming more and more popular; In such an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle, the pressure on the workplace, work and even life continues unabated. The unhealthy lifestyle and long-term pressure will lead to physical and mental exhaustion and wear out, resulting in so-called overwork.

For many people, chronic fatigue caused by work stress may be caused by the work content and workload. But the working environment factor and the length of working hours, working salary, family life and so on, can aggravate or accelerate its overwork symptom! If the above unhealthy or unbalanced state continues, over time the body may begin to feel uncomfortable, shoulder and back pain, stiffness or headache symptoms, that is, may become "chronic fatigue disease", is the so-called "overwork". The main diseases caused by overwork are cerebrovascular disease and heart disease. The former includes cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, hypertensive encephalopathy, etc., while the latter includes myocardial infarction, heart failure, narrow heart disease, arrhythmias, and sudden cardiac death.

Most of the overworked high-risk groups have the following conditions:
1. Working too long, over 60 hours a week on average.
Work hours cause sleep deprivation.
3. More night shifts or irregular working hours, such as shift medical and police personnel, etc.
4. Self-demanding and nervous.

Self-understanding is the first step in preventing overwork. The occupational safety and health department of the ministry of Labour has produced a manual on self-prevention of overwork.
1. You often feel tired and forgetful.
2. A sudden sense of aging.
3. Stiff and numb shoulders and neck.
4. Insomnia due to fatigue and depression.
5. Get upset and angry about small things.
6. Frequent headaches and chest tightness.
7. History of hypertension and diabetes, abnormal ecg.
8. Your weight changes suddenly.
9. You haven't sweated during exercise in recent years.
10. Not seeing a doctor because you feel well.
11. Relationships suddenly go bad.
12. Frequent mistakes or disagreements at work recently.
If you want to know whether you are overworked, you can also use the online stress index to assess your stress status.

The next step is to change your lifestyle. Prevent overfatigue is one of the most important long-term health lifestyle, regardless of the symptoms of burnout, modern people in the pursuit of work and career, must be timely relax myself, getting plenty of rest, a moderate amount of entertainment, regular exercise and a balanced diet, a good interpersonal relationship, and choose a better working environment, and rid of bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, etc.), is the waving of chronic fatigue and away from the most important core of karoshi.

Healthy living includes
1. Balance work and leisure: choose a job you enjoy and make work a self-fulfilling process. Moderate relief and rest are also important, and too much work or workaholism is one of the early signs of overwork. Staying up late can cause endocrine changes, memory loss, aging and mental instability, which need to be avoided.

2. Get regular exercise: there are so many benefits to exercise that it's essential to a healthy life! Exercise can consume the body too much heat, help to maintain proper weight, enhance the cardiopulmonary function, promote the blood circulation, and reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, strengthen body resistance, prevent osteoporosis, strong muscles help stretches the physique, improve the waist sour backache, increase body and joint flexibility, get better sleep quality, more productive, etc. Remain with regular exercise is essential to avoid overfatigue, physical activity for different ethnic groups have the effect of health promotion, the world health organization recommends adults aged 18-64 using the cumulative way for 10 minutes every time section, accumulation of 150 minutes a week of medium strenuous physical activity (activity can still talk, but can't sing) or 75 minutes of physical activity painfully speech may lose when (activity); The physical activity of the over-65s was the same as that of adults aged 18-64, accumulating up to 150 minutes of moderately strenuous physical activity per week.

3. A balanced diet: a healthy and balanced diet not only makes you happy but also makes you more productive. The study found that eating poorly can increase the risk of loss of work efficiency by 60%. A healthy and balanced diet can ensure the energy needed at work and improve work efficiency. It also increases the cost of stress tolerance. Nut seeds and dairy products can not only meet the needs of balanced nutrition, but also reduce a variety of chronic diseases.

4. Good interpersonal relationship: good interaction at work or at home can double work efficiency and make work more enjoyable. We can also help and solve difficulties together

5. The suitable working environment: good daylighting, ventilated and virescence work environment make people more energetic at work, we spend billions of dollars to build the rain forests of the office with nature ecosystem is a combination of office, is to let people forget the job in the office, can choose or remaking a suitable working environment is very important.

6. Avoid smoking and drinking too much: work pressure is great, some people will use smoking and drinking to eliminate the pressure, but do not know the long-term decline in the body faster, all kinds of diseases, heart and lung function and liver function are affected, but more and more poor resistance to pressure! It is recommended to quit as soon as possible!

If you can maintain a healthy lifestyle, stress will gradually reduce, and overwork and chronic fatigue will be away.


  1. Lovely post! For me, once I changed my eating habits my whole life changed because I had so much more energy.