Saturday, June 20, 2020

[JOKES]Look at life with humor

Look at life with humor

The great humorist Lin Yutang once said, "Humor is the flower of the human heart, a compassionate and tender outlook on life. Humor has philosophical depth, literary connotation, educational influence and entertaining effect." If life is like a dish, humor is the spice. Mr Describe a woman said: "my husband often make fun of each encounter unpleasant things, he is always with optimism, humorous mood to face. After marriage because of a failed, I comfort him, said:" it doesn't matter, day always, bitter, bitter, I just like you if you took off, one day to share with you again. "I didn't think he optimistically said to me, this is bad! Bitter, just run, wait me the apprentice, you come back again." The woman concludes: "A sense of humor in a couple is a lubricant of relationships and a role model for children to learn from relationships." People with a sense of humor, everything healthy thinking, maintain a positive attitude, when encountered difficulties, easy to save the day.

In addition, most people are afraid of being told that they are not as tall as others, not as beautiful in appearance, not as good in voice, not as clear in speech and so on. For their own shortcomings, afraid of others laughed at, in fact, where someone is perfect, why care too much about their own shortcomings, if there is three humor, self-ridicule, it is a man's natural.

Westerners like to make fun of themselves in their political statements when they are running for office. In addition to smiling, westerners can deepen their impression of Him and even win their respect for him.

Philosopher Socrates was once scolded by his wife, and when many friends in front of was poured a basin of cold water, while everyone was embarrassed to stare at each other, I do not know what to do, Socrates calmly said: "I knew after the thunder, it will rain heavily.

Well-known American statesman Benjamin Franklin, one day to visit an elder, came to the residence of the elderly, because the door is too short, carelessly head hit the doorframe, franklin was involuntarily flow tears, pain in elderly smile said: "the biggest harvest is very painful? Visit should be this! A man want to have a foothold in the world, will have a peace smoothly, avoid unnecessary friction, often have to bow, grovelling......" Franklin firmly remember the lesson of the elder, since then, "bow, humble" into his own code of life.

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  1. My husband and I are always trying to make each other laugh! It's the best way to live!