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[JOKES] Three humorous celebrity stories

Three humorous celebrity stories

Presidential clothes
Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. Throughout his presidency, he regarded himself as one of the common people.
One day, Jefferson met a Connecticut man.
The man saw Jefferson on a tall horse, dressed in his usual clothes, thought he was a horse dealer, and fell into conversation with him.
"Said the new President.
The other said, "Jefferson was a big spender. He wears a ring on every finger. Sell his clothes for a plantation and two watches."
Jefferson laughed and said, "the President's clothes are not as handsome as yours. If you don't believe me, I'll go with you and see him."
As they rode up the White House foyer, the servant said to Jefferson, "Mr. President!"
The man in the same trade was dumbfounded.

Columbus's wonderful metaphor
After Columbus discovered the new world, people gave him a banquet.
Some of the nobles at the banquet thought he had discovered the new world by accident.
Columbus took out an egg and said, "gentlemen, which of you can stand this egg on the table?"
The nobles, unable to get up, turned to Columbus for advice.
Columbus took the egg and struck it lightly on the table. It stood.
The nobles were very unconvinced and said, "we will stand in this way."
Columbus laughed and said, "the trouble is that none of you clever people thought of doing this before I did."

Returned to their owners
After many life choices, the founder of Buddhism sakyamuni finally realized under the bodhi tree and reached the realm of superego. Like the hardships of his path, his ministry was far from smooth.
At one point, a man interrupted sakyamuni's sermon by cursing him with foul language.
Sakyamuni waited for him to finish cursing and then asked him, "if one gives a gift to another and the giver refuses to accept it, who shall the gift go to?"
"Of course it belongs to the giver." The man replied without understanding.
"All right! Sakyamuni said, "I refuse to accept your dirty words. Now return them to you!"

[Health]The nine countries with the healthiest cuisine in the world

The nine countries with the healthiest cuisine in the world

Fast food originated in the United States, which was consistently ranked the fattest country in the world. Americans have higher rates of heart disease and diabetes. After the arrival of foreign food in the United States, local "modifications" were made to American tastes and eating habits, and they tended to choose the most "fat" food in the foreign diet as dinner, such as pizza with cheese filling and greasy salami slices.

Traditional French, Spanish and Chinese food is among the healthiest in the world. Here, processed food is replaced by fresh food, and elaborate, healthy cooking replaces the easy way of frying in the microwave and at high temperatures. Although butter, cooking oil and sugar compounds originated in these three countries, their different cooking philosophies have kept the prevalence of common diseases and diabetes low.

Similarly, in Greece and Israel, the concept of food is even more fastidious, they will eat slowly to enjoy the food, and in this way to relax. A hurried pace of life combined with the habit of eating without a whole meal is certainly not a way to maintain health and longevity. Using the CIA World Factbook and the World Health Organization's information on obesity, heart disease and diabetes, here are nine countries with the healthiest foods.


In Japan, which has one of the lowest rates of obesity in the developed world, people focus on longevity. Their diet is dominated by vegetables, rice and soya beans, which reflects their concern for health. The Japanese also eat fresh seafood and dairy products, but in moderation. Interestingly enough, Tokyo alone has more Michelin stars than Paris, New York, London and Hong Kong combined.

The French

The widely held belief that "French women don't get fat" is true, and everyday French meals are not made up of hollandaise and foie gras. Instead, French food USES plenty of fresh vegetables, such as French beans, and a variety of well-made proteins. The most missed dishes are fish stew, white omelet and fresh salad.


Italy has one of the lowest rates of diabetes in the world, according to the world health organization. It also tells people that there are more healthy and delicious delicacies in Italian cuisine than pizza, pasta and ice cream. Today, pasta is cooked in a light, low-protein, vegetable-rich way. Also, italians cook with olive oil, which is good for heart health and rich in omega-3s. It also effectively ensures the health of food.

The Swedish

Generally speaking, seafood is the main food in Swedish cuisine and Nordic food. The cuisine in this region is mainly cooked in healthy ways, such as smoking, stewing, drying and marinating. The main course is served with vegetables and fruit, and even the main course is served without heavy sauces or Fried food. White bread and crackers are often replaced by crisp rye bread because of its rich fiber content.

The Greek

Mediterranean cuisine is definitely a favorite of dieters and body shapers because they are not only healthy but also have a special effect on weight loss. Traditional Greek food consists of green vegetables, omega-3 rich olive oil, fresh seafood, whole grains, as well as fresh fruit and a small amount of dairy products. Small portions of food, called mezze, are also popular here.

The Caribbean

Island cuisine is also health-conscious, with food made from fresh fish and seafood, starchy vegetables, rice and peppers. Especially in Bermuda, anguilla and the cayman islands, these ingredients lower blood pressure and boost metabolism. These dishes also use plenty of fresh tropical fruits, giving them a strong Caribbean flavor.

The Swiss

When it comes to Swiss food, most people think of thick bread, sticky cheese, and meat-based foods. Switzerland, however, has an enviable low rate of obesity and low rates of heart disease and diabetes. That's because people here tend to focus on local, seasonal food, mostly from small local farms, and it's simple. Meat and cheese are eaten in relatively moderate quantities. In the morning, locals like to have a muesli, a breakfast of dried fruit, oats and nuts.


Spain is perhaps best known for jamon iberico and rich cheese. However, their cuisine is rich in vegetables, fresh fish, grains and beans. Many traditional appetizers are vegetarian (for example, garlic mushrooms and grilled vegetables) or feature grilled live fish and seafood.


Also a Mediterranean country, Israeli food has many similarities to Greek food. Use olive oil; Fresh vegetables, such as eggplant, tomatoes and zucchini, as well as the "jewish seven treasures" (grapes, olives, pomegranates, etc.), which are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. As a result, israelis live longer and have lower rates of heart disease.

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[Health]Healthy people to wear masks v.s New Coronavirus Epidemic

The Washington metropolitan transit authority (WMATA) said this week it was buying emergency flu supplies from compliant production suppliers to keep WMATA employees safe and guard against the spread of the new coronavirus. But WMATA also pointed out that the purchase was a precautionary measure, not because of any imminent threat.

Since new coronavirus epidemic broke out in China, the United States has more than ten cases of diagnosed patients, worked as a personnel exchanges between China and America in the town, the local Chinese community of particular concern for the prevention of the evolution of the epidemic and public places such as schools and subway have started there are a few people wearing masks, masks and other products of many stores also out of stock or restricted.

The city's subway system, which carries hundreds of thousands of commuters daily, has also begun taking steps, with WMATA this week inviting bids for emergency flu supplies from compliant suppliers to ensure the safety of WMATA employees and prevent the spread of the new virus.

Although the move comes at a time when concerns about the new coronavirus are rising, WMATA said it was stocking up on supplies that could be used in other emergencies.

WMATA expects to have the supplies ready by the end of next week, including 43,428 disposable dust masks, 797 reusable masks, 1,846 boxes of disinfectant, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer sensors, 1,478 boxes of rubber gloves, 362 garbage bags, and 9,495 portable hand sanitizers.

Although the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) does not recommend normal healthy people to wear masks to guard against the new virus, non-chinese community attention and reaction also is inferior to the Chinese community, but the English media also reported every day, all the Chinese ghettos of local health department also in close cooperation with the community, to convey the new crown virus relevant information accurately.

The department of Health of Virginia and Montana counties with large Chinese residents in Washington recently contacted the Chinese American Community Health Services, a volunteer organization in Washington, d.c., to help organize a new coronavirus prevention conference for the Chinese Community and disseminate CDC and local Health department prevention guidelines.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

[Health]The scientific reason you can't lose weight after 5 hours of running

Let's say you've been trying to get rid of fat for years, but to no avail, and now I'll tell you why. When fully understood, it will help you to stop doing something that is impossible to succeed at, and that keeps hitting you.

Most physicians, dietitians and government agencies still say that weight management is simple, as long as you burn more calories than you eat. Their views on weight management are as biased as those of the geographer, the continental drift, or the creationist view of earth science. What they call "eating less and moving more" completely ignores the effects of insulin. Any discussion of how many calories to eat, as opposed to how many calories to burn, must include the role of insulin, which determines whether sugar or fat is metabolized, and a condition called homeostasis.

Homeostasis is when your body stabilizes inputs and outputs to keep you alive, and you don't have to worry about it: your body quivers to keep warm, or you sweat to keep cool. If shivering is not enough to warm your body, you will wear a coat for comfort; And when it's hot outside, you take off clothes. When your body needs your help to maintain comfort, homeostasis calls you into action.

When it comes to eating and exercising, homeostasis goes beyond willpower and determination. Consider this: a pound of fat has 3,500 calories, whether it comes from a salmon, a pig, a pile of soybeans, or your belly fat. An hour of strenuous exercise can burn 700 to 900 calories, depending on your size and endurance. Let's count 700 calories, because that's the metabolic rate most people can afford if they're forced to jog for an hour.

Mathematically, to burn a pound of fat, at 700 calories per hour, you would have to exercise for five hours and not eat any more calories. The problem is, exercise makes you hungry, and when you're metabolizing glucose, you can't exercise for more than two or three hours without getting more glucose. For every 700 calories of carbs consumed, you would have to work out an extra hour to eliminate 3,500 calories from that pound of fat. This extra hour of exercise turns into an hour of activity that increases appetite.

If you make it through five to seven hours of jogging and burn 3,500 calories, you'll be ravenous for the next few hours and will eat all the calories back up, because homeostasis insists on keeping your output in balance with your inputs. Willpower has nothing to do with it. Your body is "bound" to recover lost calories.

So if you're jogging just to burn calories, there's a scientific reason to stop. Exercise strengthens muscles and maintains blood flow, calms you down, gets rid of body waste, and even increases endorphins. There are many benefits, but none of them include weight loss. Enjoy hiking, walking, rowing, cycling and swimming, regardless of how many calories are metabolized.

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[限時優惠]東森購物ETMALL 年終

東森購物 年終回饋 Happy New Year


活動期間:2019/12/25(三) -2020/01/14(二)
兌換期間:2020/02/04(二) -2020/02/10(一)
1.      單一商品結帳金額滿$490元(含)以上可於結帳頁面輸入結帳折扣碼【HILIFE50】即可現折50元(限量500組),適用全站商品,專案商品除外,每一會員限使用乙次。
2.      結帳折扣碼效期至2020/1/14(二) 23:59。
3.      專案商品(如:加價購、服務性票券、汽車、旅遊、保險、禮券、遊戲點數卡等)恕不參與此折價券折抵活動。

1.      折價券每券限使用單件商品一次,逾期視同自動作廢,訂單取消、退貨亦無法再次使用。加價購、服務性票券、汽機車、旅遊、保險、禮券、遊戲點數卡等專案商品,恕不適用本折價券。
2.      凡商品置入購物車,未出現優惠折價券欄位或輸入折價券露出「不適用」,即代表此為專案商品,無法參加優惠折價活動。
3.      東森購物網所發送之折價券僅限於東森購物網網站購買商品時選擇使用。
4.      東森購物網保有活動變更、修改或終止本活動之權力,如有異動,修改後之內容將公佈在東森購物網上。
1.      東森購物網預購商品皆不參與此活動。
2.      東森購物網保有活動變更、修改或終止本活動之權力,如有異動,修改後之內容將公佈在東森購物網上。


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[Health] Healthy LifeStyle

With the rapid development of modern civilization, new types of work stress are becoming more and more common. New types of work pressure refers to the so-called along with the progress of science and technology, computers, home appliances and mobile phones and other hardware and software of the lives, previous work requires a lot of labor in exchange for life for a lot of be replaced, habits of most people generally tend to lack of exercise, fast food or foreign food is popular, high sugar, high fat, low fibre such as unhealthy diet is becoming more and more popular; In such an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle, the pressure on the workplace, work and even life continues unabated. The unhealthy lifestyle and long-term pressure will lead to physical and mental exhaustion and wear out, resulting in so-called overwork.

For many people, chronic fatigue caused by work stress may be caused by the work content and workload. But the working environment factor and the length of working hours, working salary, family life and so on, can aggravate or accelerate its overwork symptom! If the above unhealthy or unbalanced state continues, over time the body may begin to feel uncomfortable, shoulder and back pain, stiffness or headache symptoms, that is, may become "chronic fatigue disease", is the so-called "overwork". The main diseases caused by overwork are cerebrovascular disease and heart disease. The former includes cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, hypertensive encephalopathy, etc., while the latter includes myocardial infarction, heart failure, narrow heart disease, arrhythmias, and sudden cardiac death.

Most of the overworked high-risk groups have the following conditions:
1. Working too long, over 60 hours a week on average.
Work hours cause sleep deprivation.
3. More night shifts or irregular working hours, such as shift medical and police personnel, etc.
4. Self-demanding and nervous.

Self-understanding is the first step in preventing overwork. The occupational safety and health department of the ministry of Labour has produced a manual on self-prevention of overwork.
1. You often feel tired and forgetful.
2. A sudden sense of aging.
3. Stiff and numb shoulders and neck.
4. Insomnia due to fatigue and depression.
5. Get upset and angry about small things.
6. Frequent headaches and chest tightness.
7. History of hypertension and diabetes, abnormal ecg.
8. Your weight changes suddenly.
9. You haven't sweated during exercise in recent years.
10. Not seeing a doctor because you feel well.
11. Relationships suddenly go bad.
12. Frequent mistakes or disagreements at work recently.
If you want to know whether you are overworked, you can also use the online stress index to assess your stress status.

The next step is to change your lifestyle. Prevent overfatigue is one of the most important long-term health lifestyle, regardless of the symptoms of burnout, modern people in the pursuit of work and career, must be timely relax myself, getting plenty of rest, a moderate amount of entertainment, regular exercise and a balanced diet, a good interpersonal relationship, and choose a better working environment, and rid of bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, etc.), is the waving of chronic fatigue and away from the most important core of karoshi.

Healthy living includes
1. Balance work and leisure: choose a job you enjoy and make work a self-fulfilling process. Moderate relief and rest are also important, and too much work or workaholism is one of the early signs of overwork. Staying up late can cause endocrine changes, memory loss, aging and mental instability, which need to be avoided.

2. Get regular exercise: there are so many benefits to exercise that it's essential to a healthy life! Exercise can consume the body too much heat, help to maintain proper weight, enhance the cardiopulmonary function, promote the blood circulation, and reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, strengthen body resistance, prevent osteoporosis, strong muscles help stretches the physique, improve the waist sour backache, increase body and joint flexibility, get better sleep quality, more productive, etc. Remain with regular exercise is essential to avoid overfatigue, physical activity for different ethnic groups have the effect of health promotion, the world health organization recommends adults aged 18-64 using the cumulative way for 10 minutes every time section, accumulation of 150 minutes a week of medium strenuous physical activity (activity can still talk, but can't sing) or 75 minutes of physical activity painfully speech may lose when (activity); The physical activity of the over-65s was the same as that of adults aged 18-64, accumulating up to 150 minutes of moderately strenuous physical activity per week.

3. A balanced diet: a healthy and balanced diet not only makes you happy but also makes you more productive. The study found that eating poorly can increase the risk of loss of work efficiency by 60%. A healthy and balanced diet can ensure the energy needed at work and improve work efficiency. It also increases the cost of stress tolerance. Nut seeds and dairy products can not only meet the needs of balanced nutrition, but also reduce a variety of chronic diseases.

4. Good interpersonal relationship: good interaction at work or at home can double work efficiency and make work more enjoyable. We can also help and solve difficulties together

5. The suitable working environment: good daylighting, ventilated and virescence work environment make people more energetic at work, we spend billions of dollars to build the rain forests of the office with nature ecosystem is a combination of office, is to let people forget the job in the office, can choose or remaking a suitable working environment is very important.

6. Avoid smoking and drinking too much: work pressure is great, some people will use smoking and drinking to eliminate the pressure, but do not know the long-term decline in the body faster, all kinds of diseases, heart and lung function and liver function are affected, but more and more poor resistance to pressure! It is recommended to quit as soon as possible!

If you can maintain a healthy lifestyle, stress will gradually reduce, and overwork and chronic fatigue will be away.

[JOKES]Animal Election

The purpose of the meeting of the animals in the forest is to elect an animal who knows human beings and lead them to deal with human beings. The reason is that the development of human beings increasingly threatens the survival of animals.

The first person on the stage was the mouse, who said, "I live in a human house, and I know very well that humans come out to harass humans when they are sleeping. Many humans are schizophrenic because of us! So this representative is not who I am!"

Up just before the cat is away mice has heavy said: "you are a small mouse in the human eyes is a fart ah, is you of the presence of humans to put my training into killer at night, let me become a cat family special kinds! Who say understand human except cat! What I can lead you to the human mouse medicine poison in human food, because human is absolutely trust the cat in the evening, so I should be the representative."

Cats haven't down dogs ran up coldly said: "damn, you are now a dead cat human almost put you out, use modern weapons to catch mice, don't let you catch mice when pet you won't wag its tail, guarding your muscles don't developed, you also is a dispensable role, I can not, as is human loyal friend, know all kinds of methods of curry favor with the human, I know the human is the most people, so you should choose me, who would have thought that the most close animal would hurt him?"

After the dog made a speech, there were no animals coming up, the dog was secretly satisfied that I was the representative of when settled, then from below came a sound: "brothers killed the three human side of the bastard, to the human a xiama wei!" Then the animals all rushed forward...